What We Do

Urbanfox Store is a one-stop marketplace for all corporate and personal buys. We are here to value-add and offer to companies a holistic end-to-end supply chain programme by providing logistics, warehousing and channel management services.

Our aim is to reduce companies' total costs of ownership in areas of price, inventory and process costs. Our customized solution seeks to sieve out inefficiencies by promoting digital efforts and improvising traditional approaches into more efficient practices.

Part of the programme includes creating a seamless online shopping experience from procurement specific needs to exclusive offers for preferred customers.

eProcure Store2VP

Corporate Purchase (eProcure)

Companies & employees are able to make corporate purchases from a wide range of products and enjoy discounted or bulk rates.

Options for purchase includes contract and negotiated pricing catered to a seamless online shopping experience based on their procurement needs specific to their company systems and operations.

Exclusive Purchase Programme (EPP)

UrbanFox EPP offers a solution for  companies to create their very own customised store built on our existing robust eCommerce platform 
as a template.
Enhance user experience for preferred  customer groups, with specially curated  product listings and prices with this closed community store concept.

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Value Partnership (VPP)